Why Are Task Chairs So Expensive?

By August 29, 2019Furniture Liquidations

Take a minute to consider the number of hours most office workers sit at their desk each day. Now multiply that number by weeks, months, even years.

In order to accommodate different body shapes, sizes and weights, designers and engineers have to research and test a variety of functions in each chair to meet comfort and ergonomic needs.

Shapes, heights pneumatics, angles, optional functions all play a part in creating a chair that withstands daily use for hours on end; while materials, finishes, aesthetics, design all play a part in creating a chair that will appeal to a wide variety of consumers.

Taking all this into account, it’s no wonder task chairs are so expensive. Purchasing a well made used task chair is a great option that cuts down on cost and helps save perfectly good, functioning furniture from being sent to the landfill.