Prolong the Life of Your Wood Office Furniture

By April 30, 2018May 8th, 2018Furniture Liquidations

Kimball Definition Credenza in Ashbury Brown Walnut

Clean your desk or furniture regularly: Dusting your wooden table with cloth is better than using a feather duster. Feather dusters can sometimes spread dust even more. Instead, dust your wooden table using a cloth that is clean, soft and dry. You can lightly dampen the cloth with water to help capture all of the residue, or you can purchase a microfiber or lint-free cloth for more thorough cleaning. Gently swipe the cloth over the wooden table using a circular motion. Avoid harsh wiping as it could cause damage to the surface or stain of the wood. Wiping in the direction of the wood grain is recommended.

Clean up accidents immediately to avoid permanent damage. Accidents can and will happen. To protect your wooden table from serious damage, quickly clean up any food or drink spills. Waiting too long to clean up will allow the spill to set, which could cause more damage than the initial spill.

Limit the possibility of damage with a protective layer: Use coasters and desk pads.

Treat minor scratches and apply protective wax: There all kinds of oils, sprays and polishes available for maintaining your wooden table. While many of these products can be helpful, wax can be particularly useful for various reasons. If applied properly and regularly, wax can serve a dual purpose by enhancing the beauty of your wooden table and protecting it from damage.

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