Professional-Grade Office Furniture Recycling


Sell your office furniture. Office Furniture Outlet buys used office furnitureIf your company is downsizing, changing locations or going through an office re-design your old office furniture will have to be removed from your office. Office Furniture Outlet will provide your business the dismantling, hauling, and recycling services. We have the appropriate tools and training to take your office furniture apart.


Because of all the different materials in office furniture each material needs to be separated before they can be recycled. Dismantling, hauling and recycling office furniture is a tedious process. We have a lot of experience and will make it very easy for you. So, when you’re ready to have your office chairs, desks, conference tables, couches or any other pieces of furniture recycled contact us.


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We operate in DC, Virginia, and the North Eastern Part of North Carolina — especially the Hampton Roads area, which includes Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News, Portsmouth, Hampton and Suffolk.