We Can Paint Anything Metal!

Electrostatic painting gunOffice Furniture Outlet offers electrostatic painting. Electrostatic Metal Painting can restore your metal assets with a like-new factory finish.  The Electrostatic Painting process system can paint anything metal.


We can paint metal:

  • file cabinets
  • shelving
  • storage cabinets
  • metal desks
  • lockers
  • elevator doors
  • mailboxes
  • fences
  • fire doors
  • railings
  • chain link fencing
  • wrought iron fencing
  • cluster mailboxes
  • and much, much more.


Before and After Examples

paint your metal assets on site with our electrostatic painting services file cabinets after painting them with electrostatic painting
customer didn't like grey so had metal bookcart painted with electrostatic painting electrostatically painted metal bookcart

Office Furniture Outlet offers on site or off site painting. With electrostatic painting because it is grounded you have much more control than powder coating.

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