5 Home Office Layouts

By Furniture Liquidations

In these times of COIVID-19, the number of employees working from home and students learning virtually is at an all-time high. This shift has led many to quickly create home office spaces. Here are some possible things to consider when selecting your home office space:

  1. Home Office With a View
  2. Sharing Space With a Bedroom
  3. Home Office in the Dining Room
  4. Adapting to Unusual Room Shapes



How 3 Small Businesses Are Surviving The Pandemic

By Furniture Liquidations

The past few months certainly haven’t been easy for small businesses.

Many had to shut their doors due to the coronavirus pandemic. While some may never reopen, others are ramping up their business — and hoping they don’t have to shut down again. This crisis has reinforced the importance of knowing your finances, setting aside savings regularly and maintaining strong banking relationships, according to this article. Read more…

Tip #5 on Getting Through the COVID-19 Crisis

By Furniture Liquidations

DON’T QUIT Whatever you do, don’t quit. Yes, it’s difficult, and yes, you may feel like there’s no way through, but this will pass. You will need to dig deep, and do things differently. Make tough decisions to survive, but ultimately believe in yourself against all odds. Work hard, learn always, never quit!

by Omar Jackson, Entrepreneur

Tip#4 on Getting Through the COVID-19 Crisis

By Furniture Liquidations

FUEL YOUR PASSION Many entrepreneurs have started a business based on something they really care about, and have a passion for. This is a core element to success. Aside from my businesses, I have other passions. This provides me with a real love for life, and in times like this, it gives me something other than work to positively focus on.  One of my main missions is to inspire people to find their passion, so if you feel you’ve not found yours, now is the time to think about what it is, or invest time into it, and I promise you it will help your mindset. Use this time to slow down, sit back, reflect and re-focus, get our priorities straight, and realize what is important to you and how you really want to live your life. Rarely do we get this kind of opportunity, and this amount of time, which is our most precious commodity. by Omar Jackson, Entrepreneur