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Reopening? Learn How to Help Your Employees Feel Safe Psychologically

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As the doors to stores, offices, and manufacturing plants open again, leaders are grappling with new local and federal safety procedures to prevent the spread of Covid-19. But whatever number of facemasks or bottles of hand sanitizer are on hand, business owners still need to make sure employees feel safe, both in the workplace and around customers. With ample communication and education, you can help your employees feel safe in the workplace. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Explain the reasons behind your new policies.
  • Stay current on local, state, and federal guidelines.
  • Have open conversations about guidelines and the use of PPE.
  • Emphasize community safety.
  • Document safety issues and new training materials.

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7 Exercises to Do at Your Desk

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If you work in an office—whether at home or elsewhere—you’re often sitting for a big percentage of your day, so it’s important to find ways to move more during your day in order to get your blood flowing. A recent study found that “posture changes and movement reduce rigidity in the body and increase openness of thoughts and emotions.”

So, to benefit both your body and your mind, here are some exercises you can do while in your office to help you take a break and get in some of those much-needed exercise minutes.

5 Tips for Working From Home

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In the current climate of uncertainty, many of us are being asked to shift our workplace to our home. Despite this disruption to work norms, there are ways to make your time at home equally productive and positive. Informed by Haworth’s workplace research, here are some tips for thriving in this age of remote work.

  1. Curate Your Workspace
  2. Plan Out Your Day
  3. Change Posture, Position, Location
  4. Harness Available Technology
  5. Take A Walk

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7 Workplace Design Trends

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In the latest trends, we’re seeing workplace designs that celebrate the human experience and nurture well-being, as well as some that strike a compelling balance of two seemingly different aesthetics. Here are seven of those top trends, why they’re important, and how you can use materials, finishes, and colors to reflect them.  See the list

Space Planning for a Digital World

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With the widespread adoption of digital communication tools, work can be done anywhere, from coffeehouses to coworking spaces. This flexibility begs the question: Why should we want to come to the office?

Turns out, about half of employees would rather skip the office, according to those surveyed by Cushman & Wakefield, a leading global real estate firm that helps clients transform the way people work, shop, and live. That disaffected attitude can take a toll on recruiting, retention, productivity, and creativity.

But not everyone wants to work from home. Many workers find the office more comfortable or convenient, from a faster internet connection to a cool place to work on a hot summer day. Companies want innovation to be part of the culture at every level. As a result, they are creating innovation teams, innovation centers, or innovation groups that are bringing together R&D, engineers, developers, and even salespeople.

Creating a workspace that encourages innovation and creativity often means going beyond providing spots to work and a series of amenities. In addition to taking care of employees’ physical well-being, these spaces should be about creating meaning and a connection to work, experts say.

Human capital is the one constant in the ever-evolving digital age that is transforming the workspace. As a result, organizations have begun to embrace and nurture employees as individuals with unique skill sets. *Article from Spark at Haworth

8 Things to Look For In an Ergonomic Chair

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What to look for in an Ergonomic Chair…To avoid developing or compounding back problems, it is important to have an ergonomic chair that supports the lower back and evokes good posture. A well-designed chair allows the user to sit in a balanced position. Here are 8 chair adjustments that help make this possible:

-Back Height Adjustment

-Back Angle Adjustment

-Center-Tilt Movement

-Chair Tilt Lock

-Forward Seat Angle

-Seat Depth

-Seat Height

-Synchro-Tilt Movement

7 Things Mentally Strong Women Believe

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So why are women more likely to compare themselves to other people, downplay their success, and insist on perfection? It all comes down to their core beliefs.

Mentally strong women do things differently because they live by a different set of core beliefs that guide their decisions and daily habits.

Here are seven things mentally strong women believe:

  1. Self-Worth Should Never Be Determined By Anyone Else’s Opinion
  2. Your Strength Will Sometimes Be Viewed As Weakness
  3. There’s No Need To Shrink Yourself For Other People’s Comfort
  4. Society Encourages Women To Engage In Unhealthy Habits
  5. Mental Strength Can Be Contagious
  6. Mental Muscles Must Constantly Be Maintained
  7. You Can’t Always See Inner Strength

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5 Immeasurable Traits for Business Success

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When it comes to delivering business outcomes, every leader aspires for success. The measure of success could vary for an individual, team or organization, but everyone wants to win, whether at a personal or team level. When we think of achieving success, it is natural to consider it as a measurement of money, power, accomplishments, awards, etc. Yet, if we seek wins only at the outer level without attention to what is inside of us, I believe success is incomplete and unsustainable. There is another world we live in: Our inner world of thoughts, emotions, aspirations, attitudes, viewpoints and more.

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How To Delegate With Confidence

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Have you ever asked someone to do something for you, and then felt like it would have been better if you had just done it yourself?

Or have you ever found yourself holding on to too many tasks because you’re afraid of losing control?

Most business owners have felt these things as their companies grow and they begin to rely on other people to get things done. But as we all know, as your business grows, you can’t (nor should you) do everything yourself. At some point, you have to learn how to delegate. Read more…

2020 Office Trends: Innovation

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Office trends for 2020 require dynamic, often sustainable, spaces that center around rapidly evolving technology and wellness-based design, leaving plenty of room for growth.

With that growth in mind, is the desire to attract talented new team members with the goal to improve performance and productivity, all while promoting wellness and well-being.

Living Green Walls Bring Nature Inside the Workplace

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The concept of bringing nature inside is circling back around as an important piece of workplace design. As cities grow larger and the push for healthier environments continues, elements of nature are being brought back into our workspaces and communities.

One example of this is the living green wall. Also known as vertical gardens or ecowalls, these vertical panels of plants help restore the natural balance while also making a powerful design statement.

*from Kimball SPARK


5 Steps to an Ergonomic Workstation

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1. Neutral Spine – Feet on the floor or footrest, hips level with knees and back supported on chair, ear in line with shoulder.

2. Elbow Height – Keyboard at or slightly below elbow height, mouse adjacent to keyboard, keyboard tray level or negative tilt.

3. Desk Height – 1-2″ above elbow height for desk work or at elbow height for keyboard use, raise chair if needed.

4. Monitor Height – Monitor aligned so first line of type is directly across or slightly below eye height.

5. Organize – Documents should be inline between monitor and keyboard, telephone and essentials within easy reach.

Bring Your Pet to Work [Every] Day

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With increased work demands and longer commutes, the workplace is becoming a home away from home. Many companies are moving to employee-centered work atmospheres by providing new wellness initiatives and other amenities to help make employees feel comfortable and enjoy the environment they work in. But even with healthy food options and exercise classes, many employees still rush out the door at 5:00 p.m. to spend time with the beloved pets waiting for them at home. This challenge is now being recognized by today’s employers, and many are seeing mutual benefits to inviting employees to bring their four-legged friends along with them. Power of Pets Decades of research have shown that pets provide numerous health benefits, from lower blood pressure, reduced stress and anxiety, boosted immunity, and prevention of asthma and allergies. Even a quick pet can calm and reduce subconscious tensions. And when you’re less stressed, you’re generally happier, more creative, and more productive.

*Excerpt from Kimball Spark

Workplace Trends That Are Here To Stay

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Today’s employees have higher expectations than ever of the environments their organizations provide. These expectations – that workplaces be inspiring, that workplaces promote wellbeing, and that workplaces provide seamless access to technology – have proven to be crucial to employee satisfaction and retention.

So, while beer on tap and ping-pong tables in the office may be passing fads, these are the considerations will shape the offices of the future. Because the workplace isn’t just the place where work gets done- it’s the place that enables us to reach our full potential.

Read on to learn how to create workplaces that will stand the test of time.

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