Get Organized!

By January 15, 2019Furniture Liquidations

It’s a new year! What better way to prepare to reach your 2019 goals than to get organized?

  1. Purge – Throw away the things you don’t need.
  2. Label – Find things quicker by labeling shelves, files, bins,etc.
  3. Clear your Desktop – Both on your computer screen and your physical desktop, create files and only put back the things you need daily.
  4. Restructure – Your file system may need to be revamped. Store things digitally to cut down on paper.
  5. Clean out your drawers – Throw away old notes, pens that have dried-up, expired snacks, organize paper clips, notepads, etc.
  6. Delete – Old files and unnecessary emails.

Use this list to do a weekly assessment and stay organized all year long.