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Here are just a few common question we get from customersContact us today if you have any other questions!

Office Furniture Outlet offers a consultive approach with turnkey office furniture solutions. Office Furniture Outlet offers a wide range of furniture from new, used, remanufactured or combinations there of with complete install and delivery services available.

Office Furniture Outlets accepts Visa, Master Card, American Express, Check, and Cash.
*Cancellation of credit card transactions may be subject to cancellation fees.

Sorry, we do not ship. We deliver to South Eastern Virginia and parts of Eastern North Carolina.

Return any used item within 30 days of purchase date (subject to inspection for damages and a 15% restocking/handling fee). New stock product is returnable (subject to a 15% restocking/handling fee). Special order product is not refundable or returnable.

Other Policies:

Check Acceptance Policy
$25.00 fee if your personal or business check is not honored for payment

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation of credit card transactions may be subject to cancellation fees

Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy
We will provide warranty service for any problems with new products

No Refunds or Returns on Special Order Items

Our company policy is to hold a used item or items for 24 hours unless otherwise specified by the sales associate.

Unfortunately with our used inventories, we cannot guarantee keys. Keys for commercial funriture can be purcahsed through your local locksmith or through Easy Keys, www.easykeys.com. If you must have locking furniture, please advise your sales associate and we can help you work through the process of gaining keys and/or lock cores.

Yes, we do. We have a fleet of rental desks, chairs, file cabinets, conference tables, white boards and more.

Yes — with departments created or eliminated overnight our rental or leasing solutions help you easily adapt to a changing business environment.

We regularly buy used furniture from offices all over the East Coast. You can contact us using our email contact@ofova.com

Think Green! By buying used there are fewer raw materials used, remanufacturing conserves energy and natural resources. Office furniture recycling extends the lives of resources already in circulation such as wood, aluminum, steel, plastics and fiber, using them over and over to the fullest extent possible. Most office furniture has a long life. Color, fabric and other outdated elements can be changed to match any office interior as well as other furnishings. By recycling office furniture, the products as well as the natural resources are diverted from the solid waste stream. Also recycling office furniture conserves labor and manufacturing energy especially when metals are kept out of the remelting process.

How We Are Green

  • Landfill Waste by the Tons Annually
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions at Landfills
  • Formaldehyde Emissions
  • VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)
  • Gas Water with Water-saving Toilets
  • Energy with LED Lighting & Energy Star Appliances
  • Emissions by Strategically Scheduling Deliveries
  • Chairs/Chair Parts
  • Laminate/Metal
  • Furniture Cubicles/Modular Workstations
  • Furniture by Donating Furniture to Local Charities
  • Metal
  • Cardboard
  • Catalogs Printed on Recycled Paper