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The struggle is real – balancing multiple tasks, managing the office and trying to keep everyone happy. Now you need to find new furniture for the office – the reception area, a conference room, a new management office or an entire build-out. The boss wants a low price, but the employees want good quality that is stylish, comfortable and built to last.

You don’t have time to become an office furniture expert, shop for the best prices, design the new space and do your regular job, too. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Don’t worry, the experts at Office Furniture Outlet are here to help!

Turn to Office Furniture Outlet in Norfolk and you get expert space planning assistance, top-quality, name-brand furniture and prices that will make the boss smile. We do the work, and you look like a Super Star for your entire team. We can take care of delivery, set-up and removal of any old, unwanted furniture. We may even buy it from you, giving you another win!

When you shop at Office Furniture Outlet you save on every item, whether used, remanufactured or brand new. Best of all, everything you buy will match the overall office decor – you get an office setup that looks amazing, and is surprisingly less expensive than expected.

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You guys make me look like a hero!

Eddie Goldman, BAE Systems Norfolk Ship Repair

Great news! My boss loves his chair!

TFC Recycling

Each employee I worked with was very flexible as our business needs fluctuated (which happened more than once). They were very knowledgeable for upcoming product availability / new product arrival as well, which was very helpful.