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The Future is Here

By Furniture Liquidations

Technological evolution is a neutral phenomenon. By that, I mean we define whether the phenomenon is positive or negative, friend or foe. Some of us have this lingering fear of AI and bots replacing jobs and impacting the employment market, but I am a strong advocate that AI is here to help us live and work better now—and in the future. READ FULL ARTICLE

Work from Anywhere

By Furniture Liquidations

Here’s what experts shared during the international virtual event

The last year flipped the work experience paradigm for all of us. Collectively working from home for several months to over a year, we gained invaluable insights into the way we work and how we can adapt workplaces to serve us better in the future. Our Work from Anywhere International Summit gave the floor to experts in corporate real estate, designers, architects, work environment managers, health and well-being program managers, workspace researchers, as well as designers of office furniture products and collaborative remote solutions. Together, we explored the many facets of new office models, questioned the future of the office, and shared best practices. Following are six key insights shared by industry experts during this two-day event. SEE FULL LIST

Collaborative Team Experiences

By Furniture Liquidations

Adapting high-performing teams to a work from anywhere environment

Providing employees with equitable collaborative experiences is more important than ever, as the work from anywhere culture generated by COVID-19 seems here to stay. Keeping all members of a team engaged, productive, and enabled to actively participate in collaborative efforts—even from a distance—is key. FULL ARTICLE

Bringing Employees Back to the Workplace

By Furniture Liquidations

Who would have predicted a year ago—when business leaders helped employees shift to working from home—that the next major challenge would be getting people to return to the workplace? Yet this is exactly the challenge many employers face today.

Chief among the reasons people hesitate to go back to the office are concerns about health and safety. Many also like the flexibility of working from home and having no commute. To get people back in the workplace, leaders need to do two things: address fears and remain flexible. READ ARTICLE

Hey, Corporations…Build Parks!

By Furniture Liquidations

The power of investing in natural spaces

Any size corporation or business can benefit from ample outdoor space or built-in connections to nature. Working outdoors helps people focus, or it can help them imagine and collect their thoughts. Being outside allows us to recharge, stave off burnout, and return to high-performance tasks much more prepared. FULL ARTICLE

The Secret to Crafting High-Performance Teams

By Furniture Liquidations

The power of investing energy into goals, processes, and boundaries

Group work often yields better outcomes than individual work. Just “collaborating,” however, doesn’t automatically make it so. We must work well together with purpose— and we form teams to do that. Many of us on teams worked in the same office location pre-pandemic. Today, we are dispersed and relying on collaborative technology to connect and work. SEE ARTICLE

Women@Work: Part 2

By Furniture Liquidations

After the successful launch of Women@Work in March 2021—our interview series focused on bringing together and learning from remarkable women in the fields of real estate, workplace strategy, and architecture—we had the pleasure of talking to Jennifer Celesia.

Jennifer is a Workplace Strategist on Haworth’s Ideation Team based in London. With 15 years of international experience in the architecture and design industry, Jennifer brings with her a unique perspective. Highlighting the global workplace experience and the challenges facing multinational organizations, here’s a peek at our conversation with Jennifer. CONTINUE READING

Women @ Work

By Furniture Liquidations

Working from home made us both realize how important it is to learn from each others’ experiences and how hard it has become to seek advice remotely. We met by chance on a plane ride, and in that moment quickly realized just how much we had in common—and how much we felt we were missing.

In noticing a gap in the available networking opportunities due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched the interview series, Women@Work. Our goal is to interview remarkable women in the fields of real estate, workplace strategy, and architecture—providing a space for the knowledge sharing and relationship building we need and crave. READ MORE…