8 Ideas to Show Employee Appreciation

By June 24, 2019Furniture Liquidations

Expressing appreciation to your employees is encouraging, boosts morale and helps in recruiting top talent.

Here are 8 ways to show your team how thankful you are for all they do:

  1. Feed the team – Let’s face it, people like to be fed. Providing lunch or treats on occasion is always appreciated.
  2. Paid Time Off – Whether it’s leaving early on Fridays, paid days for employees to volunteer or just time off for R&R, people appreciate time off.
  3. Team / Family Events – Laser tag, bowling night, paint & sip…these are just a few ideas for fun company events
  4. Bags of candy with thank you notes attached – A pack of Lifesavers with the tag “You’re a Lifesaver! Thanks for all you do,” for example.
  5. Express appreciation in a newsletter – “People who feel appreciated will do more than what’s expected.”
  6. Celebrate milestones and life celebrations – Birthdays, graduations, births, engagements, etc.
  7. Training & Professional Development – When you invest in professional development, employees are more valuable and feel more valued.
  8. Say “thank you” in person and often.