5 Minute Cubicle Spruce-up

By August 6, 2018Furniture Liquidations

Your cubicle is your home-away-from-home. Make it a more enjoyable place to spend your 8+ hours a day and boost your productivity. Here are a few suggestions:

Clear the clutter – Spend 2 minutes cleaning up paper piles, keep 1 reusable cup and hide unnecessary items that you only use periodically, out of sight.

Wipe down surfaces – Take a minute to clean your computer screen, keyboard, mouse and phone keypad. Disinfecting wipes are great for this!

Organize – Use the last 2 minutes on organizing pens, papers, paper clips, highlighters, sticky notes, other supplies.

Now take a look around and add any last-minute touches like a spritz of air freshener, a motivational quote or picture of your family/pet.

There…done! Now, get to work!